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People always have some confusing ideas about real cash games online, so we decide to arrange some useful information for players like us. On this site, most things you can find are about Indian traditional games like Teen Patti, Rummy, or Andar Bahar. Also, we will provide some other popular games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette or Slot online.

We don’t encourage you to gamble or play real cash games with addiction, yet we simply convey the passion for gaming through collecting related info and sharing.

Hope you are able to find something useful and get the info you want here in OnlineChosen!

Real cash is one of trends of online gaming.
Played with real money is one of trends of online gaming.

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Preview of Real Cash Games in India

As online games are developed around the world with more variety, we can access lots of games with mobile phones anywhere. On the other hand, casinos built in real houses have existed for long history. It brings lots of new experiences and marketing strategies after the combination of the two. Nowadays, as long as you have the Internet, playing games with real money is a super easy thing with simply a few seconds.

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5 Things We Care About

When it comes to money, we are always careful about selecting the games. Here is a checklist of real cash games when we are searching.

Banking Methods

Choosing one or two banking methods that you’re familiar with is definitely one of the most crucial things in online gaming. A bad deposit or withdrawal experience might ruin your vibe suddenly. Make sure the platform you select supports the banking methods you prefer, and don’t forget to check if there is any extra fee included.

Safe & Security Policy

Check the safety and security policy before you give your personal info out on the internet. A safe gaming platform should provide protection to users’ banking details and personal information like address and mobile number. Sometimes the risk is not in the platform itself, but in the process, you entering the websites or apps.


This is almost a very basic condition of an excellent gaming platform. The more stable the platform is, the better quality of gaming you’ll have. Lots of places offer free chances to play, and you should remember to check if the system and loading process is fluent and stable or not. If you are a heavy user of mobile phones, make sure you choose a site that also provides its service with a well-development application.


There are new players joining the amazing world of online real cash gaming every minute. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a user-friendly interface so that players of different statuses will have a similar level of joy. Whenever you want to sign in, sign out, deposit, withdraw or claim the bonus or promotions, it should be easy operations for you no matter whether you’re a beginner or not.

Reputation & Credibility

Last but not least, browsing the reviews online is an easy thing, and it’s absolutely an important thing to do before you deposit. Check if there’s a credible licence or good reputation for the platform you select. Otherwise, no matter how easy you might win in the games they provide, your money will always be in danger.

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3 Risk of Real Cash Games

Here is the truth that you seldom see on other sites–playing real cash games can be risky. We don’t want you to misunderstand the real aspect of this, because sometimes the possible lost inside might influence your real life a lot. Here are 3 top things you must know before you keep diving into the water.

Money Loss

Like the possible situations you meet in a real casino or when playing with your friends, the most common risk is losing money. There are always both winners and losers in any game, so always be prepared to lose money. Understanding the probability and rules in advance might increase your winning chance. Also, building your own strategy for managing your bankroll can stop you from over-losing sometimes.

Health Issues

The health issues include both mental and physical ones. One of the most common mental issues is addiction, that is you cannot stop yourself from playing games. Other mental issues like low self-esteem, the stress of winning or losing, anxiety and depression are all possible situations you might meet. As to the physical ones, most of them come from staying in the same positions for a long time. From your eyes, fingers, and whole body, to your waist, hips and legs, these are all affected if you over or under-use them.

Fraud by Scam

The world of the internet is wide and wild, and fraud happens everywhere at in any time. Try to be as careful as you can, and don’t give the scam chances to fool you and take your money or personal info away online. Checking the reviews of the platform and the license might reduce the possibility of being frauded online.

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No matter what kinds of real cash games you like, we hope you can experience the same joy with us among Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Rummy, Poker, Baccarat…and so on!