How to Play Stud Poker?Learn in Just 5 Min and Make Money

There are many types of poker games, and even though most types use similar rules, or use the same hand for ranking, as long as there is a small difference, there will be many more ways to play. Sometimes more poker variants can be extended to bring more fun and possibilities to online betting and casino games. This article will explain about stud poker, one of the three types of poker, its rules, betting methods, game steps, and more.

stud poker

If you prefer Draw Poker, the most played Texas Hold’em, or teen patti which is very popular in India, you can find relevant information on this website.

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Stud Poker Basic Concepts

Generally speaking, there are two most common stud poker games: Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud. The core concept is still that you must use the cards in your hand to combine the best hand rankings. In the betting round, you can judge whether to call, raise or cover according to your own cards and the situation on the table.

The difference from draw poker is that in stud poker, players do not have the opportunity to change cards, so luck sometimes becomes one of the keys to winning.

Five-card stud is common in Hong Kong movies, and each player must use five cards to combine the best hand rankings, so it is also called Asian stud; seven-card stud is common in regions outside Asia, such as U.S.

Seven Card Stud

The number of players in Seven Card Stud, which can range from 2 to 8 players, uses a deck of cards without the joker card. The dealer will deal 7 cards to each player, 3 of which are face down and 4 face up, and you must take 5 of these 7 cards to form the best hand ranking. The winner gets to take the entire bet.

In this type of stud poker, there are no big and small blinds, and everyone must ante.

1st betting round

On the visible board, the player with the lowest hand must place a “bring-in” first and cannot fold.

2nd round of betting

This round of betting is based on the fact that the person with the largest two cards faces up starts to bet. At this time, he has three options: Check, Bet or Fold.

3rd round of betting

The third round of betting is to start betting on the person with the largest face up of three cards. There are three options as in the second round of betting.

4th round of betting

Calling a bet at this time is based on the four cards facing up as the biggest person to start betting. There are three options: Check, Bet or Fold. After the round of betting is complete, the dealer deals each player a final card face down.

5th round of betting

The fourth round of betting and the fifth round of betting are started by the same person. After this round of betting is completed, there will be a showdown to decide whether to win or lose. The winner can take back all the bets.

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Five Card Stud

When it comes to stud poker games, five Card Stud is arguably one of the earliest forms of poker. The dealer deals each player with 2 cards, face up and face down. The basic rules are roughly the same as in Seven Card Stud, in the first round of betting someone makes an ** first bet, then everyone gets another card face up.

In this style of poker, there are no big and small blinds, and everyone must bet the same amount at the beginning.

Since there are too many public information about 5-card stud poker, many players prefer 7-card stud poker with more information and variations. However, if you are just new to poker, such a simple play may strengthen your basic skills. Once you are familiar with the basic operation of poker, you can quickly move to the next level and start earning extra income in online poker games.