Teen Patti Strategy-Why should you always Play Blind?

The game is more than about earning much money; it also delivers enough joyment to overcome the sequence of drab everyday life. It’s an escape into the world of digital adventure and online games. If you are searching for some teen patti tips and tricks that can help you to bag the next big prize, you have come to the right place. We have provided you with some tried and tested teen patti strategies that can help you in your next game.

Teen Patti continues to grow in popularity as an Indian online casino game of choice. This game of luck is a classic casino card game which has many similarities to a typical Poker casino game. You play at a table with other players, usually between 3 and 7, and other players can partake in this card game as well. One comparison to the game of Poker is the use of a 52 playing card deck.

Playing blind is a common teen patti tip and strategy that people use a lot.

However, with Poker the joker cards are actively in use while with Teen Patti, the joker cards are excluded. That is to say, generally, we don’t use printed jokers in Teen Patti.

How is Teen Patti Played?

The Indian casino card game, Teen Patti is a game based on pure luck that is played at a table by three to seven different players. What’s amazing about this card game is that the dealer can be any one of the players at the table. The dealer for the first round is randomly selected, but afterwards, the dealer is the player with the best hand in a previous round.

The dealer in a round deals out three downward facing cards to each player at the table. Cards are dealt in an anti-clockwise way while Ante bets or otherwise known as the ‘boot amount’ is placed by each player in a prize pot placed in the middle of the table. The bets are placed starting from the player to the left side of the dealer.

After the cards are dealt and bets are placed, players can play in two basic ways. They can play Seen or they can play Blind. Whichever way a player chooses to use as his Teen Patti strategy, the winner of a gaming round is the player with a “hand” of three cards with the best overall value.

How to Play Blind

When you choose Blind play, your bet should be either match or double of the previous player provided he/she played Blind as well. If the previous player played Seen, then your bet can either match or can be half of that of the player.

Playing Seen or Chaal

If a previous player plays Seen, you will need to double their bet if you intend to play Seen or Chaal as well. Where the previous player is playing ‘Blind’, you need to double or quadruple your bet if you play Seen or Chaal.

People are easily fascinated by the charm of a gamer who prefers to play blind. Strangely, this is why newcomers to the game like going blind and testing their luck. One of the strongest and most offensive methods is to play blind with expertise.

On the other hand, the common belief from general players is that, this technique is really about intently observing the opponent’s actions , analysing their body languages, gestures, feelings and after that making a clear decision than it is about chance.

So it’s quite different from what it sounds! This teen patti strategy is the most effective whenever you are dealing with inexperienced opponents who are easily provoked.

You should be capable of precisely understanding them pretty effortlessly, and they will think about testing out shortly, allowing you to take advantage of the situation. It is as crucial as having a King, Queen, and Ace hand if you know how to employ these basic techniques and methods. Make you use them carefully and intelligently on the Teen Patti game table.