Teen Patti Strategy & Probability

It is impossible to guarantee a win when you play Teen Patti, because the outcome is based mostly on luck. That is to say, the result is random, while the cards are dealt face-down without being seen. However, here are a few Teen Patti tips that can help you increase your chances of winning.

Teen Patti strategy

  • Never fold if you have a Queen or higher against the dealer. The dealer needs a Queen or higher to qualify. You will push more hands and save more bets with this tip.
  • Keep your stakes low when playing blind.
  • Ask for sideshows when you believe your opponent is bluffing.
  • Playing chaal means betting at the current stake amount without raising. That is a good strategy if you have a moderate hand. Other players will be more likely to fold after you have stayed consistent for a few betting rounds.
  • Another Teen Patti strategy is to Increase your bets slowly when you have a good hand. If you immediately raise the maximum amount, the other players will know you have a good hand, and they will fold.
  • Remember that you have to match the current stake amount whenever another player raises. It is a good idea to raise early in some situations so that you don’t have to raise twice.
  • Don’t fold unless you know you have the weakest hand. Even then, it is a good idea to bet one or two rounds so that your opponents don’t pick up on your betting habits.

Teen Patti Hand Probabilities

You should also keep hand probabilities in mind. You only have a 0.24% chance of getting three-of-a-kind, compared to a 74.39% chance of getting a card with only a high card. Remember that the odds are the same for all of your opponents as well.

  • Three of a Kind – 0.24%
  • Straight Flush – 0.22%
  • Straight – 3.26%
  • Colour – 4.96%
  • Pair – 16.94%
  • High Card – 74.39%

Teen Patti is a type of poker, which means it has both elements of skill and chance.

A lot of the skill comes into play when you are competing against other players. They will judge your betting choices, and you can do the same to give yourself the best chances of winning.

No matter what format or version you are playing, the best Teen Pattie strategies revolve around minimising your losses instead of trying to win every hand.

A push is better than a loss, and a smaller pot is better than a lost pot. If you keep these strategies for Teen Patti in mind, you might be able to extend your bankroll for another round.