Teen Patti Strategy-Remember Others’ Moves Makes You Win Faster

Teen Patti is a card game that can be played with many methods.

When you just start to play card games like Teen Patti or Poker, it takes you time to focus on your own card. It’s hard for you to notice what other players drop or how they move. Once you have more experience, you shall then start to be aware of all the cards that appear on the table, or even more, to remember them.

Why Notice Other Cards?

This is more like an advanced skill since most beginners don’t have the extra spirit to care about that. Noticing and remembering what others do allows you to know what they might need. Once you know which card they might possibly need, you can guess their hands. Of course, this situation happens only when you play seen.

This is actually a general tip that can be used in lots of similar card games, and it can really help when you’re facing strong opponents.

Notice the previous card first

The regular deck consists of 52 cards evenly distributed into four pattern varieties — quite a big number if your aim is to remember what every player is throwing in every hand. Although it may seem impossible, being aware of all the significant cards that have previously been played may help a lot in predicting the chances of your competitor having a better hand than yours.

That is to say, the more movements you remember, the bigger chance you can predict your opponents’ hand. This then the key of Teen Patti Strategy today.

It may be virtually impossible to do so, however, being mindful about important cards that are already played can help you go a long way in predicting the chances of your opponent having a stronger hand than yours.

Start From A, K, Q

So how does it work? Start with remembering which of the top tier cards — A, K, Q — are done away with. Only once you get a hang of it, should you try finding more patterns otherwise you can easily lose focus. For card rankings and where to apply the Teen Patti strategy, you might find this guide useful.