The commom terms of Teen Patti

Now you know the hand rankings that will decide the winner, you have to learn some of the important terms related to Teen Patti. These terms will help you understand better how the betting structure works. Also, we can even say that these terms imply how the game is played.

Ante (Boot)

Ante or the boot amount that must be paid by all the players that are playing before they are dealt with the cards. This amount is equal to the minimum bet that the game allows.


In Teen Patti games, a player can either look at his card or play blind without looking. The person playing blind will pay only half the amount of what a person bet who has seen his cards. There is a limit on how many turns you can bet while staying blind. It all depends on the stack size of the table. After that limit, the person is forced to see his cards. Many of teen patti tips suggest you to play blind.

Chaal (Call)

The amount that is paid by the players who have seen their cards.

Fold (Pack)

A player can fold his cards if he thinks he doesn’t have a good hand. The fold is basically quitting the game for that round. You will lose the stake you put previously in this deal.

Side Pot

A side pot is basically a show between the two players. A player can ask the previous player (player who played last) to do a side pot if both the players have seen their cards. Side pot will only happen if the previous player accepts the request. If he refuses, then the player playing will be asked to pay the amount that the previous player bet.

If the player requesting the side pot has the better hand, then the other player will be forced to fold his hands and vice-versa. But, if the hands of both the players are the same, then the player requesting will be asked to fold. It’s a bit risky so you should see it as an optional teen patti tips before you use it.


When there are only two players left in the game, then both players have the option to show their cards. If a player show’s his cards then the opponent is forced to show his and the winner will be decided. The opponent has to pay the amount equal to the previous betting before showing his hands. If the opponent refuses, then he has to fold his cards.

These are some of the important terms that you must learn before playing the game. These terms dictate how the betting structures are going to be.