Teen Patti Variations(6)-3-2-1

Besides the traditional gameplay, this is another Teen Patti variation where players are dealt six cards each. All players will have to arrange their cards into three separate hands. The first hand will have three cards, the second hand will consist of two cards and the third hand will have only one card. You can arrange your cards however you like.

After the arrangement, the game goes on by betting on the first hand (with three cards). Once a winner has been decided, the next round continues with the second hand (two cards). In the last round, you play with your third hand (one card).

To win the game you need to win two or more of the rounds. When you win at least two of the rounds you collect all the money that has been accumulated during all rounds.

If no player wins two or more rounds the money stays in the pot and the game is repeated.

To win with the first hand (three cards) you need to have a better hand than all other players, according to the usual ranking of hands. To win the second hand (two cards) you need a better hand than all other players. Since you only have two cards the only hands that count are pairs and high cards. For the last hand (one card), you win by having a higher card than all other players.

Learning this Teen Patti Variation shouldn’t take you much time, although this one is slightly more complex than others we’ve mentioned.