Teen Patti Auction-Easy 3 Cards Played with Crazy Money Bidding

In this Teen Patti variation, all players are dealt three cards each. The dealer also places 2 piles of 3 cards each on the table. Each pile consists of one card face-up and two cards face-down. The open cards from the two different rounds serve as jokers for all the players.

Auction Gameplay

The two piles on the table are then open for auction. All players take turns to make bids for the piles before the round starts. Any player who has a better hand can choose not to bid. The highest bidder then has to replace the new pile of cards with his old ones. The players’ old cards are then discarded. The money that was put up for bid is put in the main pot.

Once both piles of cards are sold the round continues as usual. The only difference is that the two open cards serve as joker cards for all players. For example, if the two open cards were 5 and 6. Any player who has a 5 or 6 can replace these cards with any other card.

Decide to Play Blind or Seen

A player who bought a new pile of cards can also decide to play blind or chaal. If he decides to play blind, then he cannot look at his two closed cards during the round.

This might be a more special variant in all Teen Patti variations since it allows players to have a chance to bid like being in an auction. It brings more excitement and thrill when you’re bidding against others.