Teen Patti Variations-Odd Sequence, 1942 Love Story, Pairs Are Jokers, Joker Hunt

Teen Patti can be described as an ancestor game of many extended card games. Some of them are super easy, while some of them develop the more complex rules and gameplay depends on the players. In this article, we arrange some common variants in a simple way. You can learn them in your free time if you have more curiosity on Teen Patti variations.

Odd Sequence

In Odd Sequence, all rules are the same as traditional Teen Patti. The only difference is how you form a sequence.

When you form a sequence in traditional Teen Patti you use consecutive cards, such as J-Q-K. But in Odd Sequence you need alternate cards to form a sequence, such as 9-J-K.

1942 Love Story

In 1942 Love Story all cards with numbers 1, 9, 4, 2 are joker cards and have any number or suit.

For example, if you have K-9-Q. You can substitute your 9 to a J to form a sequence.

Also there’s another special rule here–You must stick to Hindi while playing the game. If you speak English during the game, you are out.

Pairs Are Jokers

In this game, seven cards are dealt to each player. All pairs in a player’s hand must be used as jokers. Each player must have a minimum of one pair to be able to play. If you don’t have a pair you must fold.

When there is a show, you choose your three best cards to form a hand.

For example, if you are dealt 7-7-K-K-2-3-7, your 7’s becomes one joker card and your K’s becomes one joker card.

Joker Hunt

The dealer deals three cards to every player and then opens up some cards on the table. That is, these cards will be faced-up. The number of cards to be open by the dealer is twice the number of players plus 3. For example, if there are 4 players, the dealer will open 4 x 2 + 3 = 11 cards.

In the next two rounds of the game, players will select one open card and discard one from their hand. A player may decide not to pick any card but will have to close one of the open cards. So, after the two rounds, the closed open card will be removed. Three open cards are left as jokers and the game continues as usual.