Common Teen Patti Variations-Banko, High Wild, Draw, Cobra

There are too many Teen Patti variations, so for the easier ones, we put them together to save your time. You can learn them in your free time if you have more curiosity on Teen Patti variations.

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In Banko, all players play on their own and the game takes turn after turn for each player. That means you aren’t basically against others but yourself. When it’s your turn to play, you must first place a pre-agreed amount in the pot. The dealer then places two faced-up cards in front of you. You have to bet if the next card will be within those numbers or not.

You place the money in the pot, and if you are right then you are able to stay in the game. If you are wrong, then you are out. The game continues until there is only one player left. The remaining player wins the whole pot.

For example, the deals two open-cards 3 and 10. If you bet that the next card will fall between the two numbers and the next card is 5, you stay in the game.

High Wild

Each player’s highest card is considered the wild card. If a player has a pair of high cards, then both the high cards are considered wild cards. A player’s lowest-value card and all other cards with the same value are joker cards for that player.

For example, if you have 3-3-8, your 3’s are jokers and can have any value or suit. You can then substitute your 3’s to two 8’s to form a trio.


In Draw, all players put a pre-agreed amount in the prize pot. Once this is done, the dealer then deals three cards to each player. As a player you are allowed to discard a card and request a new one. You can request a new card if you are playing blind or Chaal.

In order to replace a card, you have to put a pre-agreed amount in the pot. You can only replace three cards in each round.


In Cobra, also known as Maatha, each player is dealt with only one card. All players place a pre-agreed amount in the prize pot. Without seeing their cards, they all pick the cards and place it on their forehead. The players would not be able to see their own cards but can see the other players’ cards.

The player with the highest card wins the game.

In this Teen Patti variation, no player has the option to fold. This is usually played during a party, and don’t underestimate this simple game because it can sometimes go extremely crazy with a hyper atmosphere.