Teen Patti Variations(5)-Folding Joker

Depending on areas, countries, and players, there are a large amount of teen patti variations. The teen patti rules might be slightly different from the original one, but they are all based on the same concept.

Each player gets four cards from the dealer with one kept separate and unseen. The separate cards cannot be included when creating a hand. From one of the three cards, one card is shown to all players and becomes a joker card for all players.

When any player folds, his unseen card becomes an additional joker card. All previous joker cards remain in the game.

For example: Player A could have 8-Clubs, 8-Diamonds, 4-Hearts, and one unseen card (2-Hearts). 4-Hearts is shown to all players. Player B has 7-hearts, 6-Spades, 9-Diamonds, and one unseen (3-Spades). 9-Diamonds are shown to all players. 9-diamonds and 4-Hearts are joker cards for all players in that round. If any player has a 9 or 4, he can decide any value and suit for that card.

If player A folds his unseen card (2-Hearts) becomes an extra joker card for all players. As a result, there are now three joker cards – 9-diamonds, 4-Hearts and 2-Hearts.

In this kind of Teen Patti variations, all other rules remain the same.