Teen Patti Variations(10)-Jokers Seen and Unseen

In this Teen Patti variation, each player is dealt three cards which is followed by 2 rounds of acquiring jokers. Every player needs to pay a pre-agreed total up to purchase a joker in the preliminary. The money is then positioned in the pot. The player can pick any of this card to be a joker card by placing it open in front of him. There is no limitation on the amount of players that can purchase a joker card.

In the second round, a gamer can purchase a joker from an additional player by paying that player a pre-agreed amount. The gamer will additionally need to put the same quantity in the pot, which suggests he has to pay double. Jokers from the preliminary are kept but shared with a gamer who pays for it in the second round.

After the 2nd round, the game repeats.