Kallan Lallan|7-Card Teen Patti Variant Played in 2 Ways

The name of this Teen Patti variation is as interesting as the variation itself. Kallan Lallan is played in 2 ways.

Table of Contents

1st Way

The first method to play this Teen Patti variation is to deal each player 7 cards. Out of the seven cards, each player needs to form two sets of three cards. In the set, 2 cards need to either be black with the third card being red (the strange one out), or vice-versa. If the hand of the player can be satisfied with the condition, then the seventh card that is entrusted to the gamer has to be the highest card among all the players to win.

The 3 cards together make 1 joker, therefore 2 collections of three cards each make 2 jokers, after which the gamer is left with the seventh card via which the gamer wins or loses. However, if the gamer is unable to satisfy the given problems after that, he needs to rupture his cards.

2nd Way

In this way of Kallan Lallan variation, 3 cards are dealt to every player.

Compared to the 1st variant, each gamer needs to form one set which includes 2 red cards and one black card or vice-versa. Automatically the weird card comes to be the joker below, so you are able to use the joker whichever method suits you. Again, if all your cards are red or all your cards are black after that, the player has to rupture all of them.


The First method of Kallan Lallan variation can just be used the basis of route. Therefore, if your seventh card is 2 then it is undoubtedly not that wonderful. The Second method of Kallan Lallan is more flexible, and it can be played in various ways you want.

Out of the 7 cards, each player has to develop two sets of 3 cards each with the sole condition being that in each collection, 2 cards should either be black with the 3rd card being red (the strange one out) or vice-versa. If the player pleases this problem, then the 7th card that is left with the player has to be the highest possible card amongst all the gamers to win.

Along comparable lines as the initial way, each player has to develop one collection which is composed of two red cards and also one black card or vice-versa.