Kiss-Miss-Bliss, Teen Patti Variations with 5 Cards+3 Jokers

Since you already know “What is Teen Patti?” and “How to Play Teen Patti?” in a regular way, we are going to share Teen Patti variations. Depending on areas, occasions, and players, there are a large number of extention about teen patti. The teen patti rules might be slightly different from the original one, but they are all based on the same concept.

The dealer deals five cards to each player. You will need to put two cards together to make a joker. You can select any two cards.

There are three types of jokers you can make; Kiss, Miss, or Bliss.

  • A pair having the same numbers is called Bliss.
  • A Kiss is a pair having two consecutive numbers while Miss is a pair missing one in the sequence.

For example, if you get 7-7 or 2-2 it is considered a Bliss, A-5 or 9-10 is considered a Kiss, A-3 or 5-7 is considered Miss.

You can only form one joker card in every round. One of the remaining cards will have to be discarded for the game to continue. In that way you will only have 3 cards. 2 regular cards and 2 cards that form a joker card.

If you can’t form a joker card you have to discard 2 cards.

Learning this Teen Patti Variation shouldn’t take you much time, as it is a very easy one and so similar to the origin version.