Is Teen Patti and Poker the same?

Over centuries, card games have been overwhelmingly popular around the world. From place to place, you may always find at least one card game that dominates a culture area. Some of the card games are simple as even 3 year-old children can play, while some may take you a lot of effort to learn. Also, you will find that there are some card games that seem to have similar rules and skills, that is to say, they might come from the same original one. Teen Patti variations and poker are two of which have similar backgrounds, but have different rules and strategies.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a popular card game which is mainly spread around India and the South Asia areas, while poker is often known in Western countries. The main goal of Teen Patti is to receive the best 3 cards in hand as high as possible for each ranking, and players need to maximize the prize pool before becoming the final winner.

Generally, when playing Teen Patti, each player is dealt 3 cards that are face down. This is where luck dominates the final result. However, there are a lot of variations of Teen Patti, which might allow players to play with various rules.

A glance at poker

The main difference between Teen Patti and poker is that the former one takes less skills and strategy of choosing cards, and the later one needs exactly a well-built strategy.

Over the decades, there are also a large number of poker variants. Each of them has either slight differences in rules or value counting methods. Texas Holdem is probably a most well-known one, as you can see people playing it in almost every casino or online casinos. In Texas Holdem, each player will be dealt 2 cards, and 3 cards called community cards will be dealt face up in front of the table.

The main goal of Texas Holdem is to form your hand cards as high ranking as much, and players keep placing the bets until all needed cards are dealt. Therefore, in this card game you need to form your set with 5 cards instead of 3 face-down ones in Teen Patti.

How the bets been placed

Besides the forming methods, the way players place the bets is also different in these two card games. In poker, take Texas Holdem for example, the player will have to place both before and after each card is dealt. The prize pool must also have the same amount of money from each player before the next card is revealed.

However, in Teen Patti, a minimum stake is agreed upon and added to the prize pool before the game even starts and there’s no need to keep placing bets throughout the game.


Although there are differences between Teen Patti and poker, both of them offer great excitement to the players, for everyone might have a chance to win a big prize from all the other players. As a result, it is always psychological skill that dominates where the winning goes.