Top 10 Teen Patti Variations You Should Know in 2022

Since you’ve already known “What is Teen Patti?” and “How to Play Teen Patti?” in a regular way, we are going to share the top 10 teen patti variations. Depending on areas, occasions, and players, there are a large number of extention about teen patti. The teen patti rules might be slightly different from the original one, but they all based on the same concept.


The main difference between Kiss-Miss-Bliss and regular teen patti, is there are five cards dealt to each player as we all know that supposed to be three cards in the original teen patti rules. You will have to choose two cards together to make a “joker/wild” out of your hand cards. There’s no limitation of which two to choose, and there are 3 types of jokers you can make:Kiss, Miss, or Bliss.

  • Kiss: A numerically sequential pair is considered a single virtual wild card; for example A,2 or 8,9 or J,Q – but K,A isn’t considered wild.
  • Miss: A pair missing the card that would form a sequence is considered a single virtual wild card; for example A,3 or 8,10 or J,K – but K,2 isn’t considered wild.
  • Bliss: A pair having two same-numbered cards (regardless of suit or colour) is considered a single virtual wild card; for example 8,8 or A,A.

You can only form one joker card in each round. One of the remaining cards will have to be discarded for the game to continue. In that way you will only have 3 cards. 2 regular cards and 2 cards that form a joker card.

In this variation of teen patti real cash, you have to discard 2 cards if you are not able to form a joker/wild.

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Closest to 5-5-5

In this variant of teen patti, each player gets 3 cards from the dealer. All players can exchange one of their cards with one from the pack. A player can exchange cards during the first two rounds However, they can only exchange one card each round.

All cards have a certain value and the player closest to 5-5-5 wins the game. The best hand can either be lesser or greater than 555, and the suit doesn’t matter.

Check the values of cards below:

  • A, K, Q, J, 10 = 0
  • Number 2~9 will be the exact the same as the number

For example, if you get 2-6-A you have the following value 2-6-0.

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Closest to 999

999 is similar to 5-5-5(see the details above). The goal in this variant of teen patti is to get as close to the number 9-9-9 as possible. The one who gets closest to 9-9-9 wins the game. The card suit is irrelevant and each face card translates into a certain number.

Check the numbers of cards below:

  • K, Q, J ,10= 0
  • A=1
  • Number 2~9 will be the exact the same as the number

If you get 4-2-A, your number is 421. Therefore, you are allowed to adjust the order of your number. If you get 6-8-K, then you can change the number from 680 into 860.

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Cobra Teen Patti

Cobra is also known as Maatha, each player is dealt only one card. All players place a pre-agreed amount in the pot. Without their cards being seen, they all pick the cards and place them on their forehead. The players would not be able to see their own cards, but they can see the other players’ cards.

The player with the highest card wins the game, and this part seems to be the same as the classic teen patti rules.

In this simple variation, no player has the option to fold. This is a quite easy version with simple teen patti rules for you to play, and it’s really exciting when you’re with your best friends.

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In-Out Teen Patti

Before the game starts, each player has to place a pre-agreed Ante bet which will be the first blind bet. Then each player gets three cards, and there are also three joker cards that are kept open on the table. All players take turns to choose whether they are ‘in’ or ‘out’.

“In” means that the player wishes to keep playing, while “Out” means the player wants to fold. If a player wants to be “In,” he then has to put an additional bet. If he plays blind, he can bet 1-2x the Ante bet. If he plays Chaal he can bet 2-4x the Ante bet.

When a player is out, his cards become new jokers and replace the previous ones. The new joker cards are kept open in the middle of the table.

If more than one player is “in”, then their cards are compared to each other, and the player with the best hands wins. The ranking of hands can be the same as regular teen patti.

The winner then collects all the money in the pot, while the losers have to pay that same amount in the pot. For example, if the winner collects Rs. 1000 for the pot, all losers have to pay Rs. 1000 each to the pot.

A new round then continues until there is no real cash on the table. This can only happen when there is only one player who is “In.” When there is only one player who is “In” he will compete against the bank, which is done in the following way:

The dealer shuffles the remaining deck and randomly picks three cards. The dealer’s cards are compared with the “In” player’s cards. If the “In” player has a better hand, he is able to collect all the real cash from the table. If he loses, the money stays on the table and another round continues.

Each player in this variant has chances to be the dealer in turns.

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This one is similar to the in-out variant (see the details above) of teen patti. Three cards are dealt to all players and three jokers are face-up on the table. After the cards are dealt, the players must state if they are “in” or if they are “out”. Players will show this by putting their thumb up for ‘in’ and down for ‘out’.

After players choose “in” or “out”, a “temperature” card is drawn and opened on the table. If the temperature card is between A and 6, the lowest hand wins the game. But if the temperature card is between 7 and K, the highest hand wins the game.

The other rules remain the same as the in-out game.

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High-Low Split

In regular teen patti rules, the player with the best traditional hand wins the whole pot, while the pot is divided to the player with the highest hand and the one with the lowest hand in High-Low Split.

In High-Low Split, there are two variations called “declaration” and “cards speak”. In “declaration” you must declare (either verbally or by using chips) if you wish to contest for the high hand or low hand. When there is a show the pot is split in half. All high hands compare their cards and the one with the highest hands wins that half pot. Also, all low hands compare their hands and the lowest hand wins that half pot.

In “cards speak” you don’t declare. All players compare their cards in the show and the pot is split between the highest hand and the lowest hand

The players must first play three rounds of betting with no player allowed to fold. After these rounds, players are allowed to fold.

All players must agree on a limit of rounds before a show. It is usually between 6 to 10 rounds of betting. After the agreed number of rounds, there is a compulsory showdown. Compared to traditional Teen Patti where there can only be two players in a show, in this variation there can be several players in the show.

No sideshows are allowed in High-Low Split.

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teen patti casino


In Banko, all players play on their own and the game takes turn after turn for each player. When it’s your turn to play, you must first place a pre-agreed amount in the pot. The dealer then places two faced-up cards in front of you. You have to bet on whether the next card will be within those numbers or not.

If you are right about the number, you can stay in the game. But if you are wrong, you are out and then lose the real cash in Teen Patti. The game continues until there is only one player left. The remaining player wins the whole pot.

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This variant of teen patti is similar to lowball in poker– the rankings of the card combinations are reversed: The least ranking combination has the highest rank and vice versa. The other part of Lowball works the same as regular teen patti.

For example: If A-Q-3 and A-K-2 are compared in normal game A-K-2 is the winner but in lowball A-Q-3 is the winner . 3-2-5 is the best hand in this game.

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There are two versions of this kind of teen patti,the 3-card community and the 5-card community. In the 3-card community, players are dealt two face-down cards and one face-up card. The face-up card is called the community card.

In the 5-card version, players are dealt two face-down and three face-up community cards. The players will have to select one of the face-down cards with two face-up cards to make a complete hand.

The dealer will also place three face-up community cards on the table. When you create a hand, you are allowed to replace any of your cards with the community cards on the table.

This variant is inspired by Texas hold ’em poker and no player is allowed to play blind or chaal.

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